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Why this Name?

We often get asked, ‘why this name?’


Here’s the story, warts and all! Carrots and Peace started as a blog. After trying her hand at several separate, vertical blogs, Susan decided to bring her areas of interest together under this banner. And named it such because it marries her love for vegetarian food and her constant efforts to live her best life. The one thing that unified all the topics was a voice. A wry, self-deprecating one that said, ‘I don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to have a few laughs through the process of trying to find them’.


Susan’s interest in showing how easily anyone can cook, and her honest commentary on a variety of other subjects captured a state of mind – less drama, more getting the job done. That was a voice we wanted for our brand! For you, we hope our brand will come to mean an easy customer experience, simple and intelligent process, integrity and ultimately, growth.



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