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Why I trust people who put some effort into things

Why I trust people who put some effort into things

Note: This the second in a series of posts sponsored by Nesbitt Burns, on behalf of BMO SmartFolio. All opinions are my own.


I like the idea of knowing that the people who have my money notice things. It’s a reassuring quality into today’s screen-light bathed, somewhat vacant world. (I missed a bump on my daughter’s forehead once, so I know what I’m taking about 🙋🏽)


The peeps at BMO SmartFolio sent me a little package this week.


(Before there’s eye-rolling about swag, know this:

  1. it’s not typical necessarily; they sent it to me as at thank you for the blogging, and
  2. selling someone on swag is not the point of this post!)


The package had two fidget spinners, 2 pens, and a card with 17 signatures.


It made me smile!


Why? I am a consumer in 2017. People giving me freebies and samples is not exactly rare. So why might this be different?


Because… It showed a lucid thought process.


Firstly, it had two sets of everything. It’s a joint account. 2 people on it. Two of everything ✅ Small detail. But someone got it right. A surprisingly large number of people get it wrong 🙄


Second, and much more interesting, the perceivable insight that someone who is looking to invest online is quite possibly someone who SPENDS a lot of time online. Very possibly wired! And odds-on unlikely to refuse something as fidgety as an ummm… fidget spinner. Nice!


(Again, I might know what I’m talking about here. Trust me when I say my day consists of periods of staring at blank screens with an ear out for when inspiration strikes like lightening, while speed reading articles, nervously – and judgementally – twitching between headlines, with 4 separate life-angst causing situations on 4 separate text convos; entirely voluntarily; no one made me, alternating with furious key-banging when that lightening situation works out in my favour – sometimes on up to 4 projects at the same time because that’s how my brain works, all with a side of 17 gazillion interruptions from the child in the 5 minutes she actually spends with me. Notice how that’s all one sentence. Wired. I’m wired. And it’s what makes me tick.)


To my mind, understanding investing starts with understanding people. Nobody saves money because they like the math of it. Well maybe some do. But even they are deeply, emotionally connected to what money means. People save for a reason, buy what they buy for a reason, go where they go for a reason…


You know who knows these things? Other people! People understand people.


Like real, human, advisor people. SmartFolio advisor people. Who, through their conversations with you, ask you questions and make sure they understand your answers. It comes through in the questions you ask them back. The responses you have to standard information. The whine of existential angst in your voice…


It’s these people who have the ability to make every touch point count in today’s experience driven world.


The fact that SmartFolio did that, even if just for those taking the time to understand what they’re all about, bodes well.


Because, much as I wish it was, artificial intelligence of the level that can read your dreams isn’t available yet. And till that happens you’ve got technology that can process data and draw insights. And people. People who know what to do with those insights. Who weave the stories and the experiences.


Who walk the ‘online investing with a human touch’ talk.


In this case, using the bane of the average parent’s existence – that over-hyped fidget spinner.


Works for me!


And maybe it’s just the mass ordered ‘gift of the year’ but it doesn’t matter. Because right place, right time!


And timing is everything 🙌🏽


As I said… my package had two fidget spinners, 2 pens and a card with 17 signatures. That sounds less ‘big bank’ and more ‘start-up’ to me.


And start-up thinking, I like. Clearly 😄




Carrots and Peace
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