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What is an ETF and why should you care? (Online Investing Infographic)

What is an ETF and why should you care? (Online Investing Infographic)

Note: This the third in a series of (5) posts sponsored by Nesbitt Burns, on behalf of BMO SmartFolio. All opinions are my own.


In my efforts to find out a bit more about investing online, and what the benefits and downsides might be, I spoke to the team at BMO SmartFolio about the specifics of the product. Click on the image below (or the text links 👉🏽) to see The ETF Cheatsheet which explains what an ETF is and how ETF model portfolios like SmartFolio might help with your #MoneyGoals


I’ve broken it down so it’s super simple and visual – it’s easy to comprehend! This is the most you’ll know about an investment product, from scratch, in 5 minutes. Pinky swear!!


Please share if you like and post any questions in the comments. Thanks.


The ETF cheatsheet Infographic BMO – PDF here






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