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Super easy mushroom sauté

Super easy mushroom sauté

Lately I’ve been trying really hard to somehow bring together my love for all things food and my need to shift some stubborn pounds! Those who follow my other blog: Healthy vegetarian protein-led eating know I’ve been documenting the challenges of that journey. While this blog is primarily a place to put down recipes, and in my opinion anything worth saving is an indulgence ;)… clear conflict of interests.


So I’ve been working on a few recipes that have a. versatility b. a healthy component and of course c. are awesome.


Here’s one that’s becoming a hot fave.


Thinly slice 1 medium onion. Heat 2 tbsp. of oil in a pan and add in. Sprinkle on ½ tsp. of salt and let fry, stirring often on a medium high heat for about 5 minutes till a good few of them are brown. Apologies ahead on the steamy pics (no, not what you’re thinking, take your head out of the gutter ;))

sliced onions frying

While that’s happening, chunk up 1 large tray of mushrooms (I usually get the Costco 1.5 pound packs. Ooooo and I’m realizing it’s sounding across my blogs an awful lot like Costco pays me to brandish their name… well no. I wish! I just find it one of most economical places to get a lot of my quality cooking supplies because I do so much of it. So I go as often as I can.)


Oh and I wash mushrooms. Yes! It’s my dirty little secret. I know, I know. I hear the gasps of horror. Never wash the mushroom etc.… but call me crazy… the whole idea of not giving something that possibly grew in pig poop a quick rinse is all too much for me! My only exception is portabellas when I’m grilling them on an open fire when I figure the flames will kill anything ominous! So back to size, I prefer them as quarters if it’s a small mushroom, or sixths if it’s a larger one. Something like this in the pic…

chopped mushrooms

Are you keeping an eye on those onions? This is where your flavor comes in. there are several options. My ‘master recipe’ involves garlic (½ tsp. minced), black pepper (½ tsp.)  and cumin (½ tsp.) but you can really do anything you like. Remember to add in up to a ¼ cup of water to bring it all together and prevent burning. Some variations:


  1. Roasted red pepper and garlic spice mix 1 tbsp. (be careful with this one since its salted usually)
  2. Cajun spice ½ tbsp. (same about the salt)
  3. ½ tsp. minced garlic, ½ tsp. minced ginger, 1 tsp. madras curry powder and ½ tsp. cumin
  4. Just salt and pepper to taste
  5. 1 deseeded and chopped Jalapeno and ½ tsp. cumin


So add in the spices and sauté till you no longer smell raw garlic or you see a few flecks of oil at the top. Now add in the chopped mushrooms and stir it all though to coat with the spice mix. The mushrooms will start to give off a lot of liquid. Don’t worry if it looks a little waterlogged a few minutes in.

sauteed mushrooms

Just raise the heat a little to speed up the process of drying the liquid off. Be careful not to go too high and burn it all! Typically takes about 10 minutes for this amount to dry out. Once it’s dry, stir-fry on a high heat for another minute or so till its all looking caramelized and glistening. Check salt and add extra if you need it. And serve! Told you it was easy!

caramelized mushroom

Oh wait… serve on/with what? I’ve used this as a sandwich filling with a bit of cheese. Over a salad. On the side of rice and dal. As a taco filling with the various condiments; or a wrap with salad. As a vegetable side for any main of meat/fish/poultry/tofu. Thrown it into pasta too when I had some left over and threatening to go manky.

easy mushroom saute



1 cup sliced red onions

2 tbsps. olive or sunflower oil

½ tsp. salt

½ tsp. minced garlic

½ tsp. ground black pepper

½ tsp. ground cumin

¼ cup water.

1.5 pounds white mushrooms (or any mix you like)




Heat oil in pan. Slice onions and add to hot oil. Sauté on medium high with the salt added till well browned. Add in garlic, pepper and cumin and stir-fry for 2-3 minutes, adding water as needed. Add in mushrooms chopped into thick slices/chunks. Stir through well and let cook for 10-12 minutes till all the water has evaporated. Fry for another minute on high heat stirring continuously to allow mushrooms to caramelize. Check seasoning and adjust as needed. Remove from heat and serve.


Carrots and Peace
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