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Off to a most unhealthy start?!

Off to a most unhealthy start?!

Contrary to acceptable start-of-year good habits, we’ve managed to binge eat so far this year. Thanks to visiting friends and friends we haven’t seen in a while, I managed to eat 5 solid restaurant meals in 3 days! Impressive as that is, it certainly doesn’t bode well for the rest of the year!!

But, you know what? Food, in and of itself, is never a bad thing. We’ve just become a generation of weird, obsessive people that are afraid of food. Which in my opinion is a relationship problem!! One I’ve struggled with for years. But I’m getting the hang of it.

Sure, don’t binge all the time, and do… you know… errrrm…. good stuff… for your health. What? Don’t look at me? I can do them detoxes and healthy eating stints but I’m not your girl for fitness and long term extra clean eating 😛

In fact… you know what?! I’m going to declare it food blog month at Carrots and Peace. I’m blogging all things food at least till the end to the month. So if you’re into recipes, short cuts, easy things to get the kids to eat, restaurant reviews etc.… that’s what I’m all about for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, back to start of year binging. This is where it all went down… Ginger (old fave; so much more than just any old ‘Pho place’), Rol San (also old fave – life changing DimSum), Fat Pasha (too expensive to be a ‘fave’ but daaaaamnnnn it’s good; modern Jewish cuisine is what they call it. Sign me up, I say!), Hey Meatball (first time I went and I can’t believe I haven’t gone sooner… ah-maze-balls – pun intended) and Farmer’s Daughter (brunch was meh, at least mine). That’s the short review. If you want a bit more… you got it. Just not all at once. I’ll do specific things I liked over the course of the month so it doesn’t get all long and boring. Plus, unlike what any half decent blogger would do, I took a sum total of 0 pictures. Shocker. Never mind. Hopefully that’s testimony to how much I enjoyed all of it!

You should know, though, that I’m vegetarian. Big, big foodies can be vegetarian yes! I almost never visit purely vegetarian/vegan restaurants. What impresses me is a place I can go to with my ‘normal’ friends and family and find veggie food that people actually put some effort into (read: not just slop some standard issue pasta onto a plate or leave the ‘meat’ component out). Mad props if there is variety on the menu as well.

So if that’s the kind of reco you’d like, watch out for my posts.

Yours, in love and food. S

Carrots and Peace
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