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Let’s talk mental health, predictably. It’s important.

bell lets talk

Let’s talk mental health, predictably. It’s important.

I really wanted to write a not midnight part of the day post, but I fucking didn’t. I mean it’s a day for mental health so understandably preserving my own was a focus!! I kept thinking about writing something and one thing led to another and I did a whole bunch of things, all of which made me happy. So there’s that. At around 1030 my left brain and right brain collided in a heap in front of Netflix.


Anyway. I fucked up.


But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to say this. And try to get it out before midnight. Race ya!


Five years-ish ago, I got shoved out of a job I hated at 9-months-into-making-people, I had a baby, moved here, found out my father had cancer. All in the span of about 2 years. Needless to say I was depressed as fuck. I had no real job… I’d spiralled into believing that the fact that I wasn’t getting hired was because I was not good enough.


That was some tough shit. Dark, dark place that I couldn’t process and couldn’t get out off.


Am I completely out of there? I don’t know. I still got some crazy shit going. I am an efficiency junkie that functions only at the highest levels of adrenalin. I am always stressed out. And I’m working on that. I am a crotchety, bitchy, control freak. Working on that too.


But I do know I keep talking about it.


#LetsTalk, heck I’ll even say it… #BellLetsTalk


Because when you talk, you find that family doctor who finds time to talk to you about how you can manage it with cognitive therapy because you were smart and aware and that he would monitor it. Because he knew you were a new immigrant, too poor to have insurance.


Because when you talk, you see the side of your husband that lets you sleep your way into oblivion, watching a young child all by himself. Because he knows sleep is how you heal. Who egged you on with the cognitive therapy until you saw why it works for so many people.


The journey from self-awareness to action is long and deep and I hope I’m walking in the right-direction.


Because when you talk, you make a firm friend who brings you buckets of orange juice when you’re fainting from high blood pressure, because she read that magnesium helps lower pressure.


I could go on. The serendipitous number of meetings I’ve had so far on the road to wellness are wonderful in their restorative power. Conversations at their heart. Conversations!


Let’s talk.


Seriously, mental health issues are like headaches. People need to help the person with the headache right? They’d yell across the room and ask if someone had a Tylenol… right? So let’s talk.


Hey… I’m Susan Diaz. I battle the Demons of Mental Health Issues. Some days I win. Some days I lose and lash out at everyone around me.


Phew… I might make this midnight deadline. Told ya… adrenaline junkie 😉

Carrots and Peace
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