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10 step content strategy to 10x your engagement on social media!
Join me for a shotgun webinar?
It's on on Wednesday, May 16.
At 1pm EST.
I just got back from vacay on the beach and I feel super charged!

This is for your if you're




with social media.


Spending all your time on social media with no real idea what your results are? Struggling with what to post each day, or good grief even a few times a day?


Learn how to fill those squares-for-days with content that actually sounds like you (ie: not 'bland and boring' or 'spammy hustler'). Get twice the results (at least) with half the time, money, and effort. And feel much less yucky doing it.


The answer lies in setting clear strategy for your content.

Learn how to get started in this one hour webinar with me, Susan Diaz of Content Strategist at Carrots and Peace Inc.


You will leave with my 10-step system that will get you 10 times your engagement on social!

Bonus!!!!! 3 actionable ways to set yourself apart online, immediately!

I'll use high quality slides to help you to absorb the concepts faster. 


We'll also do 2 small excercises to  help you get started defining a brand voice.


You'll have access to a full 20-minute video course (no charge, of course) which will walk you through further detail on the frameworks we discuss.


And finally, you'll be welcome to come join our private facebook group for small brands where I'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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