Find your audience profile
Pin up style
Feel like you're shouting into a black hole on social media? Stop wasting your time!
The quickest path to engagement is posting content that's clearly targeted.
Do you know your target audience? 
No sweat if you're not a 100% clear. Play this fun game! Define your audience, pin-up style. 
What does that mean? 
Well, we’ll use satirical, over the top imagery to build you a ‘buyer profile’ of sorts.
It’s the entertaining first step to spending less time and getting better results with social media content.

Why will this method work?

If the mainstreaming of neuroscience has taught us anything, it’s that people focus better when you make things fun. And what’s more fun than errr games?!


The reason for the upsurge of gamification as a method of delivery for content isn’t just frat boys ruling the world. It’s logical and sensible because people like fun things more than non-fun things.


With that piece of excellent wisdom, might I present, a little gamification of our own. Let’s play a little game of…


This is a series of 11 questions that you answer by choosing words, gifs and rating things on scales - all very exciting. The answer options are intended to get you started thinking about your target audience by pushing you beyond your comfort zone.


Because you know that throwing all manner of content out there and hoping it will stick is a bad idea! Focus your content marketing down to the audience you’re trying to reach. Whether to sell to, build influence with, or connect in communities over kumbaya and kombucha.


These questions are framed into ridiculous hyperbole to a. give you a few giggles and b. push you away from saying ‘everyone can use my services/product/a coffee with me’.


Please don’t feel awkward asking these questions of your fictitious audience. You may find them inflammatory and offensive at first. But stay with me. (Maybe steer clear of asking people things like this in real life, though!) This exercise is meant to be a satirical look at the clichés that help build ‘buyer personas’. But in truth, much of it comes from data. For example, traditionally you’d have something like: Kate, 35, 2 kids, owns 6.3 pairs of shoes and spends $7.65 on lunch on average. 


Done this way, it’s exaggerated, like you would find in the gaming world – all intended to help you enter the space of creating behavioural customer profiles. And your result will include tips on how to talk to your defined audience.


Ready? Got 5 minutes? 

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