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Crowdsourcing allergy-friendly resources for kids

ideas for kids with allergies

Crowdsourcing allergy-friendly resources for kids

I didn’t really mean to write this post today.

But I’ve got something going on that’s doing my head in and need to spill. Partly to clarify things in my head. And partly because I need your help. So thank you for ‘listening’. I will always extoll the virtues of crowdsourcing wisdom. And on many occasions, my blog posts have given me communities that have pulled me out of the depths of well… stuff.

We learned yesterday that our daughter aka #Murphyskid, is hectically intolerant to pretty much everything we eat on a daily basis. Milk, eggs, nuts, gluten, beans, lentils, soy and a whole host of minor ingredients. And in a heavily vegetarian protein household, (barring the average adult’s body weight in bacon on the regular) that is a problem. Now I know some of you will troll, (even if just in your head) and make this about this is why vegetarianism is a bad idea. And if you do, you’d be an asshole. Get off my blog. (Oops did that little tantrum give away how much mocking I’ve had as a voluntary, entirely non-preachy vegetarian?!)

So I know the jury is out of this sort of thing. But forgive the candour, aren’t they the same on pretty much any issue that relates to health? Or anything else that’s important, really?!

We’re a family that subscribes to natural wellness as a route to health. So clearly I look for answers in the more holistic diagnosis. Why get to where I need to take a million pills for every condition and tax the government if I can spend my money (contributing to insurances) to make smart changes to my life and take a few supplements to prevent the conditions. Works for us. Except if we have an infection or something broken that needs fixing, in any way, In which case I’m going straight to the ER.

I’m a trawls-the-interwebs mom with a lot of really smart friends. So, I realize just because you’re intolerant to something doesn’t mean it’s making you sick. And yes, we’ve already spoken to our family physician and are taking Murphyskid in later this week to see if she needs a specialist. So we’ll talk to people who know more about this stuff than we do.

I also realize that the fact that she’s just fine for the most part and hasn’t keeled over is evidence that none of this is life threatening. But for as long as I can remember. Possibly for as long as she’s been talking (she’s 5 now), she tells me at least once a day that her stomach hurts. Now as her mom, that makes me want to hurl. Just the faintest possibility that the stuff I’m feeding her could be making her stomach hurt (now, not before) has been driving me crazy.

The naturopathic practitioner recommends that we gradually eliminate all the foods, give her some time get her digestive system back in order and then reintroduce them. That intolerances in kids often fade. Sounds sensible to logical me. But the other me says…. the fuckkkkkkkkkk??????? The foundations of my belief system have been shaken.

But I gotta try to see what we can do about this. Surely we must consider some elimination if not all (definitely not all FFS). The last time somebody told us to eliminate milk with no conclusive tests because we were too poor for insurance, we did; and the difference in the child was night and day! So I see some leaps of faith in our future.

And today I had a half hour to kill with her between school and aftercare and we went to the closest grocery store and looked in the alternative foods section. I gotta say the selection was impressive. Given that it was not a specialist store by any means. Among a few other snacks that cut out some of the bigger intolerance offenders was this!

ideas for kids with allergies

It’s basically everything-fucking-free Oreos. In allergic-kids-ville, I’d imagine that’s akin to bumping into the friendly neighbourhood unicorn.

Ummm… they probably taste like shit; I haven’t tried yet. But Murphyskid is visually led, so there’s hope. Oh and she eats kale. And tofu. And bacon. We’re going to be fine!


Swift aside: I know very little about this product. I am not endorsing it. I know it’s not nutrition gold! But it warms my heart. The fact that if we went down this elimination path, to whatever extent, it gives me a lovely glow inside that my child won’t be deprived of a fave treat thanks to some parent out there. (Because who else but an outlier child’s parent would be that committed to inclusiveness?)

You have to take things in your stride and make the calls that are right for you, I’m thinking. Which for us now is sounding like… why don’t we take out a few things and see what happens? Without killing ourselves. While we wait on a few more ‘industry opinions’. Because God knows there’s enough else going on with us.

In my life, it’s always been food to the rescue. Whether I have a broken heart or the sniffles. So how is this any different? Right?

So what do I want from you? Well, quite simply to crowdsource any wisdom you can give me. Barring opinions on our choices and medical advice, we are open to anything. Food resources, reading material, links to recipes, websites you trust, personal experiences, anything else you think might help us as we try to wrap our heads around this very first-world-sounding problem and do right by our kid. All I can hear in my head is that little voice. Saying ‘mommy my tummy hurts again’. And I need to make it stop. (The voice not the condition.) I need to do something to help her.

Food heals, I said just two nights ago in this blog post on my new direction for this blog that heavily involves food, kids and cooking for kids. Who knew that belief would be put to the test quite this quickly?!

Well, I sure as hell can cook! Hallelujah. And I mean to cook my ass off if that’s what it takes to see if we can make that tummy pain reduce just a bit.

Leave me your thoughts, ideas, and resources in the comments below, or on any of my social properties. @socialsusandiaz and @carrotsandpeace should cover most of the big ones.

And if I see any discernible volume to the response, I’ll combine it all into a larger resource by way of a roundup blog post, so other people out there have one more repository option.

Thank you for staying with me to the end of this post. That alone is heart warming :*

Carrots and Peace
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