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Confessions of a solopreneur 6: This life just brings together all of my negatives… perfectly

confessions of a solopreneur - no

Confessions of a solopreneur 6: This life just brings together all of my negatives… perfectly

Recently, I’ve been having several chats with separate groups of people about how you know if solopreneurship is for you. I hesitate to call it entrepreneurship because what we do is such a microscopic part of the universe, but the mindset may well be same.


Short answer, you’ve got to love being independent like nothing you’ve ever loved before. Maybe even more than your favourite child. You get my drift.


How will you know THAT, you ask?


Well, here are my thoughts on how it might feel. Expressed in every negative that people have ever given me over the years. All those things that are perhaps viewed as less than ideal traits, which serve me well in my solopreneur life path.



You’ve got to be a narcissist. You’ve got to LOVE your own work. Like a ‘wake up to pee in the middle of the night, see your social post engagement, go back and read what you wrote, love it, go to sleep with a smile on your face at your own awesomeness’ kind of love. Not to be confused with confidence. Confidence is rational. This is visceral. You got to be really into what you do.



Wherever in the journey to self-employment you are now, it’s got to have crossed your mind that you’re an all-fucking-in type of person. Like 200% on the regular, at the very least. You need a little praise and a little reward, but mostly it’s got to just be about how much better you can get. Some call it passion. I call it obsession. You need to be a little obsessed with the idea of work. (Trust me it’ll see you through many 18-hour days, that obsession.)



You’ve got to be arrogant. Aggressive arrogant, classy arrogant… whatever floats your boat. But you need to be able to think big. Far bigger than you are now. Like really fucking big. Like get out of my way, or I’ll run you over on my way to the top big. Like I’m selling my company for $400M in a few years big (she says referencing Canadian Entrepreneur that I’ve recently been ‘fan girl-ing’ about – @mhyattspeaker).



You’ve got to be into money. Like it’s got to mean more to you than a growing number on your bottom-line. To me it means experiences. I think in price tags. It hasn’t quite dawned on me that retirement will be an experience, with a price tag 👎🏾 But hey nobody’s perfect😂



I mentioned confidence up top, and I mention here again. You’ve got to verge on bipolar when it comes to confidence. There are days when you’ll be on top of the world, where everything bows down and waits for your command. There are other days when your hands sweat so much as you shoot your first FB live video that you need 10 glasses of water after to just return your breathing to some semblance of even.



And this is a positive in my world, though many would call it gobbledegook – you’ve got to be self-aware. You’ve got to know what you’re best at and what just sucks the joy out of you to do. What you’re just NOT good at doing as well. And you’ve got to be able to surround yourself with people that can help you bridge those gaps. You’ve got to love talking to people for hours with no clear client billable involved but massive inspiration for all your work. You’ve got to be able to talk to strangers and strike up a conversation that gives you cues and subtly hits people with suggestions that might involve your service🤓 (Not creepy and hard sell-ey but definitely open to possibilities).


Which leads me straight to…



You’ve got to be a loner. Like you’ve always said things like ‘I’d rather read a book upstairs than be downstairs with the family’ even back when you were a kid. Solopreneurdom consists of vast amounts of time where it’s just you, some seating and some tech. And if you’re not someone who can stand the sound of your own thinking, maybe this isn’t for you.


Are you a solopreneur? What are other things that people told you over life that has helped you in your self-employment journey? If you’re not a solopreneur, does any of that sound awesome? Then maybe it’s time to rethink your life choices.


Either way, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or on any of my social channels (@socialsusandiaz on all the major ones).


Carrots and Peace
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