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Brilliant customer service, amazing beaches and… wi-fi!

Brilliant customer service, amazing beaches and… wi-fi!

So last week we were in Jamaica. Sniff… I know. The sad mundaneness of my life since my return hasn’t escaped me. Sniff.

But wait, there’s more.

Before I headed off with my family, as is typical, I researched the heck out of the place we were staying at. No relevant review was left unread! And one thing that kept cropping up was the bad wi-fi. Not just at this property, but a several others we looked into in the area. So I vaguely contemplated a digital detox for a week. But ha… I work for myself. And in a company that more often than not has an employee strength of 1, seven days off ain’t happening!

I researched alternatives for the blocks of time that I would absolutely have to be online. I came upon options like signal strength boosters that were available for rent for a reasonable amount and prepared to incur some business expenses.

We got there. Our first time! It was awesome. Insane beaches. Where the only tire tracks are from guests moving loungers around. The best people! All of who appear to want you to have an awesome time. Genuinely, not just for the tip.

Xtabi beach with cottages jamaica

jamaican waiter acrobatics
beach with coconut palm

Now, my wi-fi needs are not entirely altruistic. Judge me if you will but I’m one of those people who has a phone attached to her arm. While I stay within the boundaries of social acceptability, it’s safe to say I will check my messages, mail and social media every few minutes. Partly because what I do for a living requires me to manage online communities for multiple people and I often do it from my phone, and partly because… well, I like to. That’s why I do what I do for a living!

5 minutes into arriving in our room, with some trepidation, I tried to connect to the wi-fi with the details I was given at check-in. So apprehensive and primed to expect the worse was I that I almost didn’t realize it was one of those connections that required a login from a browser, which my husband helpfully pointed out (and what I suspect was the problem for all the nay-sayers on the reviews)! Some URL-ing and password inputting later, we were golden.

Excellent. I was a happy bunny! This meant I could sit in my room with a cocktail, looking out at the beautiful ocean while I took care of iterations and urgent work that may crop up. Phew.

The next morning we hit the beach. It. Was. Gorgeous!

beach with clear skies

Most of a morning’s frolicking later I dug out my phone from the depths of my beach bag (the longest I had been without it) to check the time. What do I find? My favourite icon… wi-fi!

Wi-fi on the beach?! Noooo…. Really?

Could my ultimate dream have come true?


Strong and fast… so beautiful! Needless to say, all my community management was done from the beach for the rest of my holiday. With a side of Pina Colada. And now I don’t know if I can go back to the old way. Sniff.

Jamaica baby! They need all new tourist brochures for the likes of me.

“Azure, untouched beaches. With wi-fi! And cocktails.” :))

Do you see them coming in droves?

ricks cafe beach jamaica

lurid blue cocktail on beach

Carrots and Peace
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