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Body by…

Body by…

I hate exercise! Have I ever told you that? I HATE exercise. Yoga and Pilates were the only things I would ever do with any level of consistency, but since Murphyskid, free time is a thing of the past. I am a creature of very little commitment and even less inclination to move when I don’t have to! And yoga studios are so expensive. I usually find much more exciting, food-led ways to spend my money!

So, as I was saying, I hate exercise and do it very, very rarely in a structured way. (My exception would be outdoor adventure-led holidays. Hand me that kayak and watch me work it for hours! Mostly from lack of skill, but whatever! It counts.)

Apparently, I am far from alone. There’s an entire clan of us. Large, small, ‘fat’, ‘thin’, young, old. Us unfit folk are kindred spirits and we bond at once when we sense a similar presence. Unified by a common philosophy!

You know our kind right? The ones that are ONE with the couch? Equally soft and pillowy. No hard surfaces or angles in sight. The only thing vaguely resembling a muscle is on our thumbs from years of advanced texting!

You know… ‘Body by Blackberry’?!

PS: Nope… This is not an endorsement for Blackberry, you humourless person. Though I used and loved one (read: many, since I lost them with unerring regularity) for many years, now working anything but an iPhone makes me cry.

Carrots and Peace
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