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Beautiful hydrangeas

Beautiful hydrangeas

I’ve never been big on flower arrangements and candles. I WANT to be, but I just never get around to it when the season is right. And when I do, it seems like such hard work; somehow managing to make me feel less than adequate on the creativity front. Don’t get me wrong… I love beautiful things. I love color. And I know how to bring them together in a home. I somehow fall short on the flowers because its all so complicated.


This past weekend I went to my friend D’s daughter’s first birthday party. It was a beautiful, beautiful day. Great food, awesome company, and gorgeous decorations in a flawless white palette. As a swift aside, I’ll ask her if she’ll guest post on the blog giving you an outline of those.

But yes, back to our story of the hydrangeas, D borrowed a few dishes and things from me for the day and one of the things was a white teapot. Clean lines; a little angular. Beautiful or unremarkable depending on what you planned to do with it. And what she did with it was so perfect. It became home to a single white hydrangea. One of my favourite flowers, surpassed only by that fleeting visitor – the peony. She returned the pot to me with the flower… and I am in hydrangea heaven! *sigh* This kind of decorating I could get into!!

hydrangea in white teapot wider shot

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