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Amazing, honest piece from a mom – an absolute must read

Amazing, honest piece from a mom – an absolute must read

My friend C sent me a link when she read this piece I wrote for Blonde, called ‘My guilt-ridden journey to being a mom’. Its about my struggle with post-natal depression for over a year, and how women should be able to feel safe enough to talk about things without being dismissed or having expectations they need to live up to.

This piece – ‘I am grateful, now fuck off‘ by Boganette deals with similar subjects. So incredibly well written. I laughed so hard, I nearly peed myself!! But the message is clear: if women are given cliched reactions and told how to feel about things, the conversation will stop. And that would be dire. Very, very dire.

Read it. It will brighten your Thursday morning and give you something important to think about.


Carrots and Peace
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