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Carrots and Peace is a tiny digital marketing firm.


You probably think it’s odd for someone to call themselves tiny! We like to think we’ve proven beyond doubt, even for our own sakes, that size does not matter!


We believe that everyone needs a digital presence. However big or small. If you’re not where a client can find you on the go, you’re doing yourself an injustice. We believe that a good digital presence begins with a voice. We work with you to help you find, perfect or change that voice. Use it with consistency and authenticity. Pick the media that delivers your voice. And then support you, to the extent you’d like, in managing it.


We work primarily with medium sized companies and larger consultants (where we collaborate to increase expertise and bandwidth). We fully believe in accountability. ‘Content Marketing’ has the word marketing in it, which is something we remind ourselves of constantly. Content cannot be just self-indulgent narcissism. It needs to be effective! The goal remains to help you increase traffic to your website, enhance your reach, gather leads and then convert them!

The model is simple. You do your time. Offer genuine value in everything you say and do. And then deliver. For specifics on how we can help you, please spend some time going over the ‘Offering’ section of the site.


The Ultimate Strategy Compendium for today's digital marketer

The Toddler Method utilizes our Five Degrees of Simplification™ method which teaches one to first simplify in order to amplify.

How to always have
content to market!

Discover your content encyclopedia. Learn how to audit your content, document and organize all your sources,  and use your encyclopedia as your master marketing resource!